The table below lists the records available in the MBMG AIM database for the requested search area. [TR: 13N 19W] Click on the value in the AIM Id column to view the one page summary of data that is available for a particular record.

AIM Id Name Alternate Name District County Mineral Resources Data System ID Abandoned Mine Lands Initiative ID Mineral Industry Location System ID Latitude Longitude Township Range Section Quarter Section UTM Northing UTM Easting UTM Zone Average Elevation Elevation Units Land Owner 250K Quad 100K Quad 24K Quad Property Type
MI005651 UNNAMED PUMICE MISSOULA 300630081 46.9142 -113.9658 13N 19W 2 5199678 274159 12 F PUMICE
MI005715 HELLGATE COAL MINE MISSOULA 300630056 46.9075 -114.0053 13N 19W 4 5199020 728068 11 F COAL
MI002916 L.S. JENSEN & SONS INC. MISSOULA 300630159 46.9028 -114.0417 13N 19W 7 5198391 725317 11 F LODE
MI005631 UNNAMED KAOLIN MISSOULA 300630076 46.8875 -114.0097 13N 19W 16 5196785 727814 11 F HAMILTON CLAY
MI002754 WHEELER'S MILL MISSOULA 300639001 46.8856 -114.0169 13N 19W 16 5196548 727272 11 F MILL
MI002700 STOCK PILE MISSOULA 300630109 46.86 -113.9814 13N 19W 27 5193704 272746 12 F MILL
MI002484 PORTABLE CRUSHER NO. 1 MISSOULA 300630128 46.8411 -113.9958 13N 19W 34 5080541 267358 12 F LODE

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