The table below lists the records available in the MBMG AIM database for the requested search area. [TR: 12N 20W] Click on the value in the AIM Id column to view the one page summary of data that is available for a particular record.

AIM Id Name Alternate Name District County Mineral Resources Data System ID Abandoned Mine Lands Initiative ID Mineral Industry Location System ID Latitude Longitude Township Range Section Quarter Section UTM Northing UTM Easting UTM Zone Average Elevation Elevation Units Land Owner 250K Quad 100K Quad 24K Quad Property Type
MI002652 SWEET BYE AND BYE MINE MISSOULA 300630100 46.77 -114.0544 12N 20W 25 5183601 724897 11 F HAMILTON LODE
MI002550 BLACK DIAMOND MICA MINE MISSOULA 300630129 46.7686 -114.1175 12N 20W 28 5183268 720089 11 F HAMILTON LODE

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