Collecting Agency Site Type Location (Lon/Lat) Location (TRSQ) County
Water Quality Site -111.03027, 45.641259 (SRID: 4269) 02S06E30ABB GALLATIN
Provider Disclaimer: GLWQD uses Solinst barologger and levellogger pressure transducers, maintained per manufacturer specifications, to collect hourly measurements of stage and water temperature. Manual stream discharge measurements are collected in accordance with the methods outlined in GLWQD Standard Operating Procedures for Surface Water Monitoring, available at: Stage, temperature, and manual stream discharge measurements are delivered through MBMG’s SWAMP database. Rating curves and hydrographs of estimated hourly discharge are available by contacting GLWQD at (406) 582-3168.
Measurement Date 10/20/2021 11:17:00 AM
Discharge (cfs) 0.51
Stage (ft)
Temperature (C)

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