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(21 Sep 2017) We are currently experiencing an outage of our Map Services and are working to correct the problem. Thank you for your patience.

The following web mapping applications are provided by the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology. Click any image to start.

Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology Mapper Surface Water Assessment and Monitoring Program:

The Surface Water Assessment and Monitoring Program data are available from the SWAMP Mapper. Surface water data collected by DNRC (real-time and manually downloaded gages) and MBMG are available for display and download. All new data for the real-time gages are available at the top of every hour. The stream gages monitored and maintained by the USGS are also included for viewing.

Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology Mapper Survey of Native Proppant:

The SNaP/Proppant mapper is being developed as part of a joint project between the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology and the Petroleum Engineering department at Montana Tech. The sites displayed in the application have been sampled for sands to determine their ability to serve as proppant in oil field processes.

Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology Mapper Seismic Activity:

With funding assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the MBMG has developed this application to illustrate earthquake locations and magnitudes, significant historic earthquakes, potentially active faults, and seismic hazard levels. The MBMG’s purpose is to improve people’s understanding of where Montana is seismically active and make it easy for viewers to compare where they live to seismic activity.

The earthquake locations are derived from seismic data recorded by the Montana regional seismograph network since January 1, 1982. This earthquake database is currently updated at the end of each month so the most recent activity is not portrayed. You can view locations and other data for earthquakes that are less than one month old by visiting the United States Geological Survey (link leaves our site).

Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology Mapper GWIC Wells:

The GWIC wells mapper portrays current locations of Ground Water Information Center (GWIC) water wells and boreholes (at scales larger than 1:288,895). It also shows locations of statewide long-term monitoring network wells at all scales. Clicking on a well point will produce a popup window that contains information about the site and links to additional information. Complete, but non-graphical, access to the full suite of GWIC data is available through the main GWIC website at