The data displayed below were collected during a joint project between the following departments at Montana Tech of The University of Montana: Geophysical Engineering and the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology. The samples represent sandstones collected and analyzed for their potential use as proppant material.

General Information
Reference Bierwagen, E.E., 1964, Geology of the Black Mountain area Lewis and Clark, and Powell Counties, Montana: Princeton University, Ph.D. dissertation, 46 p.
Measured Section Details
Unit Symbol Name Township Range Section 1/4 Section Location Latitude Longitude Geomethod Datum Page Number Sub Unit Id Sandstone Description Grain Size Cementation Roundness Sorting Thickness (ft) Suitability
_f Flathead Quartzite 04S 10E 23 Composite of Black Mountain Area 45.474718479 -110.455612315 TRS-SEC NAD83 Pinkish gray,pale red to blackish red, grayish purple, locally gray to light brown ORTHOQUARTZITE. Presence of blakc iron oxide grains and layers. Olive and vlakc shale layers common near the top. Medium to very coarse quartz cement contains limonite or hematite Subrounded to well rounded poorly 300 probably not
*q Quadrant Quartzite 11N 06W 30 Along the power line in this section 46.6776794638 -112.400598235 TRS-SEC NAD83 White to gray orthoquartzite with lenticular light gray to black chert layers. 5-10% porosity. very fine to fine compressed and well cemented with quartz cement subrounded poorly 20 no
*q Quadrant Quartzite 11N 06W 30 Along the power line in this section 46.6776794638 -112.400598235 TRS-SEC NAD83 Light gray to gray orthoquartzite where yellow and reddish hues are present.Some worm borings with are poorly cemented and porous. Bottom is silty and somewhat calcareous silt to coarse, mostly fine pressed and well cemented with quartz rounded to well rounded Fair to well 150 probably not
*q Quadrant Quartzite 10N 06W 20 Lower 125ft of last section in this area 46.60551716225 -112.379593479 TRS-SEC NAD83 yellowish gray to grayish yellow green poorly bedded, somewht porous, and slightly calcareous quartzite, Flags 2.5 - 5 cm thick. fine slightly calcareous 125 maybe
Kblf Colorado Group Blackleaf Formation Flood Member Lower Quartzite Bed 11N 07W 36 46.66336209585 -112.421582114 TRS-SEC NAD83 Colorless, white, very light gray to dark gray, bluish gray, and moderate brown quartzite. Locally has as much as 75%fine siltmatrix, cross bedded and ripplemarked. Bed is gradational with underlying quartzite fine to medium grained 70 probably not