The data displayed below were collected during a joint project between the following departments at Montana Tech of The University of Montana: Geophysical Engineering and the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology. The samples represent sandstones collected and analyzed for their potential use as proppant material.

General Information
Reference Richards, P.W., 1957, Geology of the area east and southeast of Livingston, Park County, Montana: U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 1021-L, p. 385-436.
Notes There is information in this reference about the Virgelle Formation (p. 417-419) but it does not indicate any specific locations for sandstone, nor does it describe its characteristics in any detail other than color and weathering.
Measured Section Details
Unit Symbol Name Township Range Section 1/4 Section Location Latitude Longitude Geomethod Datum Page Number Sub Unit Id Sandstone Description Grain Size Cementation Roundness Sorting Thickness (ft) Suitability
_f Middle Cambrian Strata between head of Rough Draw and crest of Shell Mountain 03S 11E 21 C SW1/4 sec. 21, T.3 S., R. 11 E. 45.55615212625 -110.379655031 TRS-SEC NAD83 394 Quartzite (upper 50ft )and massive sandstone, gray/reddish, thick bedded, hematite and limeonite nodules near bottom some granules of quartzite few mm in diameter (basal) 75 no
Jsw Ellis Group, south slope of Dry Creek Ridge 02S 10E 26 D SE sec. 26,T. 2 S., R. 10 E. 45.6290692873 -110.4524421125 TRS-SEC NAD83 411 Sandstone, light gray, cross bedded, brown weathered, forms ledges, Gryphaea shells in many beds, salt and pepper mostly medium calcareous, glauconitic 80 no